Subsurface Constructors
Subsurface Constructors has a wide range of equipment to support the specialized foundation services provided. We have a variety of cranes, core drills, rock tools, pile equipment and over twenty drill rigs. We continuously update our equipment. Here is a listing of our current equipment:
  • Stratacaster Vibro Rigs
  • LDH Drill Rigs
  • LLDH Drill Rigs
  • Watson 3000 Drill Rigs
  • Watson 3100 Drill Rigs
  • Caldwell 150 Drill Rigs
  • Soilmec 622/625 Drill Rigs
  • Bayshore 8400 Drill Rigs
  • Klemm KR806 Drill Rigs
  • Klemm 704 Drill Rigs
  • MF Drill Rigs
  • Manitowac 2900 Cranes
  • Lima Cranes
  • Core Drills
  • CME Skid Rig
  • 30" IR Rock Tools
  • Vulcan Pile Hammers
  • MKT Pile Hammers
  • Pile Leads
  • IMT AF12 Drill Rigs
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